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    Rattan Furniture Environmental Characteristics

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    Rattan furniture (wicker furniture ) is one of the world's oldest breed of furniture in ancient India and the Philippines, where people come to manufacture all kinds of rattan furniture. 17th century, rattan furniture by European merchant ships into Europe, popular. People living appliances compiled by vines, including rattan beds, cabinets, a few, cases, sofas, screens and other products. Due to the natural materials and environmentally friendly products, rattan furniture (wicker furniture)  is increasingly favored by consumers.

    First of all: the most environmentally friendly low-carbon furniture
    Rattan furniture designers charge ratio, said the vine is grown in tropical forest in a spiny palm climbing plants, regeneration ability, the longest stem plants. Rattan biodegradable, environmentally-friendly use of rattan furniture. "Rattan furniture rely on traditional handicraft production, made ??from natural materials, with little use to humans, environmentally harmful chemical elements, is recognized as a low-carbon green furniture."

    Rattan furniture made in accordance with ergonomic curvature of the frame, woven, soft and elastic. Suitable for sedentary office people relax. Rattan furniture breathable, cool in summer, especially for the hot and humid weather in the south. Even in winter, rattan furniture also passed out dough warmth of nature. If coupled fur cushion or pad on the chair, will become full of warmth Desks. Rattan furniture, home decoration has become a fashion, reflects the people's awareness of environmental protection and the desire to return to nature.

    Second: rattan furniture consumption is heating up

    According ican furniture sales manager, said, "With the updated design concept, rattan furniture becoming more and more ornamental. People like rattan furniture, but also with a certain nostalgia. Total due to less manufacturers, rattan furniture market share partial low, less than 5%. leading brands on the market in Guangzhou rattan furniture but a few.

    Rattan furniture to walk in high-end line to mid-range rattan furniture, for example, a package units (with 6 chairs), a set of five rattan sofa, two bedrooms plus a full set of rattan furniture configuration, about to be 10 million. Its consumer groups over the age of 30 have the economic strength of the family-oriented. Young fashion, rattan furniture for small favor, and some even like it more than afford.