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    Rattan (wicker) Funiture Knowledge

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    We have collected some of the most commonly asked questions submitted by our customers. If your questions are not answered here, please feel free to Contact Us.

    What is Ratan  (wicker ) Furniture  ?
    Rattan, wicker, wicker rattan, cane (in polyethelene form), and all weather garden furniture are all names for the same class of product. The product was created because customers wanted to take their furniture outdoors. Natural cane and rattan will rot and break down outdoors. Hence PE rattan was created. Designs and styles of rattan furniture have moved on so quickly in recent years that we are now witnessing customers putting this kind of furniture inside their homes. So why not have the best of both worlds? Take our Riviera - it looks stunning indoors, but with the Quick Dry Foam as standard it will also perform flawlessly outside for years. It is important to note that there is a wide range of products offered on the market from very poor plastic to top end fibres made in Germany. We encourage customers to do their research. Despite what some vendors will tell you, synthetic weaving material is not all the same.

    Can I leave my cushions outside in bad weather?
    if you are not sure the cushion is top quality . it is better to find a solution when in bad weather
    In furnishing China Group  we cold match your that demand .sicne we use the sunbrella fabric . quicky dry foam .

    How do I know I am getting a good product?
    We get  this question a lot with hundreds of rattan furniture importer in the market place, all using the word ‘quality’. It is simply untrue. Everyone has a price point in mind and we are very conscious of that. However, rattan furniture is a unique product which either incorporates very good materials or very poor materials. There is nothing in between. For example, German fibres are the best, Sunbrella is an excellent fabric, quick dry  foam is a must have, Aluminu  frames (1.6mm+) are superior.
    considerations: Are the weavers highly skilled? Weavers from Cebu are the best in world .we are one good in china .

    What is the warranty and are there pages of exclusions?
    In our experience vendors will tell their customers anything in order to gain a sale. Here are a few truths about our industry There is no such thing as a waterproof cushion completely. A cushion should breath. This is why we believe quick foam which allows water to pass through the cushion is a must have. You cannot buy a quality Carver style dining chair (and cushion) for under  USD250. The starting point for a quality dining set (eight seater) is at least USD2500. If it’s less it is not a quality product.
    There are several recognised brands of fibre. :viro (Imported Indonesia)  . rohua( Imported Germnay Fiber) .
    The minimum alloy gauge used in our industry is 1.2mm. A classic sign of a poor product. Dining tables with detachable legs (a.k.a knock down) will have no structural integrity. Products built in this way are designed to take up minimal space i.e. cheap freight. Vendors supplying a quality product will provide a great level of detail about the materials they use.

    Why buy from Furnishing China Group?
    Any product you purchase should be durable, functional as well as stylish. It must also meet your price point. Outdoor furniture is placed in the harshest of environments where any weakness will be exposed by the elements. All weather garden furniture is the only product we deal with. We use the best materials available, our designs are striking and unique and we aim to meet a middle market price pointet; it help them get the largest profit.

    It is very easy to produce a very good yet very expensive product. No doubt the reason for our success is down to the fact our product is unsurpassed yet we manage to meet the middle market price wise. We manage this as we are the designer, the manufacturer and the importer.

    We hope we have provided you with a wealth of information. We are very proud of our product yet we try to remain objective. We encourage all of our prospective customers to research their purchase thoroughly.